• Bela Vista Property Services

    Bela Vista Property Services was launched in 2011 to tap into demands for high-quality professional property management services in Macau.

    Originating from Sniper Capital’s asset management team, and now the leading property management services company in Macau, Bela Vista Property Services provides a full suite of property-related services, including leasing, property and tenant management, asset enhancement, as well as asset marketing programmes.

    Bela Vista Property Services currently manages a portfolio of properties that spans across residential, commercial and heritage projects, with a total combined area of more than 1.5 million sq ft.

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  • Headland Developments

    Headland Developments is an independent real estate developer based in Hong Kong.

    Commanding years of experience across a wide range of property segments, including residential, commercial, retail and leisure, Headland also has expertise in redeveloping and repositioning under-performing assets, with a particular focus on small or challenging projects that cannot be handled by other, less specialised developers.

    Headland manages the development process from inception to completion on behalf of private investment groups, private equity real estate funds and high-net-worth individuals. It has acted as a reliable and trustworthy partner for Sniper Capital in many of the company’s development projects.

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  • Taipa Village Destination Limited

    Taipa Village Destination Limited is leading the promotion of the brand concept Taipa Village – Authentic Macau, with the goal of attracting both local and international visitors to this increasingly popular heritage district.

    Its primary goal is to foster “sustainable heritage” in Taipa Village – the blending of architecturally beautiful local shop houses with vibrant retail and food and beverage concepts, which benefit the wider Macau community and become a new tourist attraction in their own right.

    Taipa Village Destination Limited is an affiliate of Sniper Capital Limited, a real estate fund manager which has been leading the regenerating of Taipa Village for over a decade and is committed to supporting and promoting the area in tandem with the Macau government and local businesses and property owners.

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